11 Best Movies Like Law Abiding Citizen

Movies premised around crime and justice are possibly the favorite genre of a set of movie fans. How do you find movies where the antagonist takes the law into their hands against the injustice done to them by an assassin and unexpectedly, the justice system? Great? Then you’d find the movie, ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ a great production with not much to its concept.

If you like the movie ‘Law Abiding Citizen’, then you’d find the movies on our list also appealing because of their common thematic elements. Let’s get right into it.

What to know about Law Abiding Citizen

Clyde Shelton’s (Gerard Butler) wife and daughter are murdered in a home invasion. When he doesn’t get justice for his loved one, he goes on a killing spree, taking down tactically the culprit as well as brilliantly manipulating the justice system.

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He admits his guilt and is sent to jail, an intended plot where he carries out more deadly tortures on the Agency, constantly upsetting prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), who didn’t do enough to get him justice but went on a rather dubious way to waver the case. 

Clyde’s revenge is a warning to unseat corruption in the justice system. Screenwriter Kurt Wimmer is the brain behind the astounding screenplay.

Revenge movies have quite common plots. Like, Law Abiding Citizen, there are other revenge-based movies. You can find the following enjoyable:

1. Taken

A former CIA operative, Bryan Mills, will stop at nothing to keep up his fatherly duty to his 17 years old, Kim, despite a failed marriage. He attends her birthday with a less comparable gift – he finds that he is no match for her wealthy stepfather whose friends deal Kim with presents lavishly.

When Kim and her friend get abducted by an Albanian sex trafficking ring on a trip to Paris, Bryan will go any mile to rescue her. 

His time in the CIA makes for his clever rescue tactics. It is a bloody mission that proves successful. If you find ‘Taken’ an interesting watch, then you’d want to see its following two sequels – Taken 2 and Taken 3.

2. Man on Fire

John Creasy reluctantly accepts a bodyguard position for a little, Lupita, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. She is insured against kidnapping, hence, her life is dealt with for monetary benefit.

Lupita is abducted, and Creasy has yet a rescue mission to carry out – Pita had become dear to him. A lot of lives are lost to keep Pita. The Mexican City, known for abduction will have Creasy to answer to

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3. The Town

‘The Town’ is built around theft and romance. Once Douglas MacRay finds love, he would ensure Claire Keesey is safe from his temperamental friend and robbery partner, James Coughlin.

Assistant manager Claire is let go after being held hostage in the bank James and Doug and the rest of their team robs. Claire has a piece of evidence that could implicate the gang, yet, she lives in the same neighborhood as them. 

They are a threat to her life. Doug meets with her to find out what she knows, and the two soon hit it off romantically.

He wants to withdraw from the gang; the FBI is on their tail and danger lurks in corners for both lovers. He will succeed if he can take down obstacles in their way.

4. Collateral

Max, a Los Angeles taxi driver is offered $600 worth of fare fees by Vincent, an assassin who will need to make 5 different stops at his targets’ location when he is rounding off for the day.

Vincent is not who Max thinks he is; not just any passenger. If he doesn’t find a way to save himself as well as turn Vincent into the FBI, every other stop will claim another life, and he might not be an exception. The hitman is ruthless to the last; the FBI is on their tail and Max has to make a quick move.

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5. Shooter

The Marine champion retires from the military to isolation. He has earned the medal of honor putting him high on the category of recognized servicemen in the U.S military, one that made for his call back to service, rather coaxingly, by high-profile government agents to protect the President from a determined assassin. 

Bob Lee Swagger finds out he is the target of enemies looking to take him down based on a past tie. The Marine sniper is determined to fight back against the corrupt power leaders on his tail. 

6. Prisoners

Two girls, Anna Keller and Joy Birch get abducted by mistaken abductors. Keller Dover is tasked to find his daughter singlehandedly due to the draggy Security body making slow efforts. 

Detective Loki, like Keller, is keen on the search, yet both men cannot work together as they have separate approaches to the case. 

The confusion of abductors leads Keller as well as Loki to an array of suspects: Alex, Taylor, Father Patrick Dunn, and Mrs. Millard. Who is the actual culprit? Keller and detective Alex will go all the way, putting themselves in danger to save Anna. 

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7. American Gangster

Frank Lucas is a drug lord in New York who claims his heroin brand, ‘blue magic’ is pure. He turns his competitions out of business as every sale is much more successful than the previous, further expanding his empire. 

Richie Robert, a detective, and an aspiring lawyer must stop him and other drug kingpins, but he will need to do much more to march the height of Frank to bring him to face the law.

Roberts gets the upper hand when he discovers the shipment of heroin from Thailand is through smuggling them in coffins of dead servicemen. He obtains a warrant for Frank’s arrest. 

Expectations are twisted, bringing both men to work together for the government. The movie is based on a real-life story.

8. Training Day

Two narcotics FBI Cops must put out any looming narcotic activity, however. Jake Hoyt, a rookie, is up for promotion. He is assigned to Alonzo Harris, a much experienced and decorated detective of the LAPD in the narcotics unit. 

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No sooner have the two begun the training does Jake suspect the infidelity of his senior. What seemed to be Jake’s suspicion is a reality.

The detective is dirty. His life is in danger. The movie is with a gripping thriller, the secret undertone of the law as regards justice, and the betrayal of expectation. Training day is the tale of a crooked cop and a lawful one. The end does justify the act here.

9, John Wick

John Wick suffers even more breakdown after the loss of his wife. Her gift of a puppy was taken away from him – it was killed. This unleashes the beast of an assassin in him, taking lives revengefully to the last. 

The puppy’s killer is Losef, the son of John’s former employer, Viggo Tarasov, a Russian Mafia, over an intended deal to purchase John’s car.

John doesn’t want a talk of retribution with Viggo. He must be taken out of the way to keep Losef’s life, hence, Viggo places a bounty on his life. This is the beginning of unrest for John who must save himself and lose friends as a result.

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10. Edge of Darkness

Emma dies in her father’s arms by the bullet of an assassin. Thomas Craven will avenge his daughter’s death after he finds he was not the intended target. A lot is exposed as he makes findings. 

Emma has been fighting for a good course threatening to expose a U.S secret facility manufacturing nuclear weapons. 

The movie is one of betrayal, sacrifice, and death. Craven will ensure his daughter gets compensation and as well as reveal the secret of the facility at the cost of many lives even as he grieves.

11. A Time to Kill

Ten-year-old Tonya Hailey survives a sexual assault that nearly claims her life. Being of the black race, it is difficult for her father, Hailey, to get justice as the culprits are of the white race. Hailey seeks novice lawyer Brigance as his attorney. 

No hope for Justice from a racist jury, Hailey shoots and kills both Culprits, further deteriorating his chances and acquiring enemies. 

Brigance knows Hailey has little or no hope, he finds that Hailey believes in him more than he. His race’s bias has not deterred Hailey’s faith in him, and he has to stand clean of racism by bringing home fairness.

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Conclusion: Best Movies like Law Abiding Citizen

The aforementioned 11 movies on the list are among the best of the best for any movie lover and enthusiast who is a fan of Law Abiding Citizen and wants to see movies like Law Abiding Citizen. 

Do well to take advantage of the list, update your watchlist, and have a swell time seeing any of these movies, or maybe all if you can. 


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