5 Ways To Make Money Playing Airsoft

Airsoft started in Japan in the 1970s, since then, it has garnered enthusiasts from around the world who engages in the sport as a pastime of firearms play activities. 

However, Airsoft is a costly sport which makes some people think if they can make money playing it. We have gathered 5 ways in which you can earn while playing airsoft. Here are 5 ways how to make money playing Airsoft:

  • Offer gun repair services.
  • Help others modify their airsoft guns.
  • Resell airsoft guns or equipment.
  • Work at an airsoft field.
  • Earn from monetized content creation.

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This list will be analyzed below:

Offer Gun Repair Services

Like every other sport, airsoft equipment is expensive and can’t escape normal wear and tear. Mostly for those who play airsoft outdoors, exposing your gun to weather conditions will see its gun mechanism wear out pieces of tactical gear. Repairing a player’s airsoft gun can earn you some bucks.

You can learn to fix airsoft guns by surfing through Google to get quality content or check out the Practical Gas Airsoft Pistols Upgrade & Maintenance 2011 from Amazon.com for more ideas.

You can also apply for a job in an airsoft field or store to get accustomed to the process. Online repair services usually charge a hefty fee (about $40 an hour plus surcharge which depends on the service you choose).

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Help Others Modify Their Airsoft Guns

You can help others modify their weapons in exchange for fees, especially since people can play with replica weapons and also be able to modify their weapons loadout which makes the game untiring. 

Apart from that, the gun laws in different countries around the world also make it very likely that they modify their airsoft guns to ensure adherence to local laws.

Having known that, it is very rewarding if you can learn how to modify airsoft guns. Depending on the upgrade, players spend up to $300 on a single modification; that’s a big chunk of money. You may reduce your service charge while entering the market.

Resell Airsoft Guns or Equipment

As you have known, airsoft has never been a cheap sport. Airsoft equipment can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars – let alone the massive collection of accessories, services, and additions that are required to be meant to participate efficiently and regularly in the sport.

If you have any airsoft equipment you acquired at a cheap rate, you can resell it for a higher price. Depending on the make and model of pistol you have, it can sell between $20 to $80, while rifles can go in-between $180 and $500.

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You can be utilizing the Amazon Seller account to kick start reselling airsoft equipment. With Amazon Seller Account, it’s easier to sell and ship your items.

Work at an Airsoft Field or Store

If you have a local airsoft field or club near you, you can apply for a job there and earn some cash helping your local community.

Should there be no local club near you, you might consider applying for a job at an airsoft store that sells guns and equipment.

Earn from Monetized Content Creation

You can set up a blog or YouTube channel to share content regarding airsoft. With this, you can generate money by showing ads, product reviews, tutorial videos, or action shots of you and your teammates.

You can get more ideas on how to become creative in this by checking out some airsoft YouTube channels, such as USAirsoft.

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Final thought

It’s in our best interest to present to you how many people are making money while playing airsoft, if you follow our guides, you can as well earn yourself some bulks.

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