Fortitude Of The NIghtborne Armor Set – Tips and Guide

The Nightborne can be described as an ancient race of elves who originally belonged to the kaldorei, or night elves. They were converted into a new and arcane form when the Well of Eternity imploded. They now reside in Suramar, shielded from the Sundering by their magical shield. 

The nightborne are a proud people, and their armor shows it. Also, the fortitude of nightborne armor set is a pointer that this race of elves possesses significant strength and perseverance. 

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Who Are The Nightborne Elves?

As stated at the beginning of this article, the nightborne are an ancient race of elves who originated from the kaldorei, or night elves. They took on the new arcane form after the implosion of the Well of Eternity.

It appears that the event empowered them to some extent. Their home is Suramar and they use their magic shields to shield themselves from the Sundering. They are a very proud race of elves and the kind of armor they possess and use gives credence to the fact.

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Watch This Guide To Unlock Nightborne

Fortitude of nightborne armor set – How to get it

How to unlock Nightborne

Before you can unlock nightborne, you must finish all of the storylines in Suramar and get Insurrection achievement. This will make you eligible to play as the Nightborne.

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Insurrection is 10 Points and you will have to complete the Suramar storylines listed below.


Once they are completed, you will be able to access the Nightborne Recruitment Scenario in the Orgrimmar Embassy. 


Once you are done with the Recruitment Scenario, you will receive the Nightborne Manasaber mount.

Heritage Armor 

After the aforementioned stages, you will be required to create your first Nightborne character in the game and this will make you eligible to receive the Shal’dorei Tabard.

As you proceed, if you can reach level 50 with a NIghtborne, without the use of a character boost, you will be awarded the Heritage of the Nightborne achievement, which ensures that you receive a Heritage Armor cosmetic transmog set.

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With this achievement, you will be able to wear the Heritage Armor set.

Racial Spells That Can Be Used.

  • Cantrips – Allows you to Conjure up an Eldritch Grimoire, allowing you mail access for 1.5 min.
  • Arcane Pulse – Causes Arcane damage to close enemies and reduces their movement speed by 50%. It lasts 12 sec.
  • Ancient History – Inscription skill increased by 15.
  • Magical Affinity – Increases magical damage dealt by 1%.
  • Arcane Resistance – Reduces any Arcane damage you receive by 1%.

Classes Of Nightborne

The classes of Nightborne are listed below:

  • Hunter
  • Death Knight
  • Warlock
  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Warrior
  • Rogue

Other details about the Nightborne are given below.

Where is Suramar?

Suramar is the home of the nightborne elves and is a city buried beneath a protective barrier in the Broken Isles. It can be recalled that Suramar was previously the capital city of the night elves, but it was destroyed during the Sundering. 

The nightborne have made it their home, and they work hard to keep it safe. 

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What is the culture of the Nightborne Elves?

The nightborne are a noble and proud tribe. They value courage, fortitude, and determination. Their armor represents these principles, and the fortitude of nightborne armor set is a wonderful depiction of their culture. 

They don’t easily trust. They are very secretive and keep their secrets close to their chest. They are not quick to trust strangers, but they will be your friend for life once they do.

The transformation following the implosion of the Well of Eternity? 

The were altered after the implosion of the Well of Eternity because they were turned into a new and arcane form. As a result of the implosion, they were converted into the nightborne. 

Difference between the nightborne’s armor and other armor sets?

The nightborne armor set is unique in that it is designed to mirror the values of the elves. The armor set is a wonderful indication of their strength and perseverance. 

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Who Can Wear This Armor Set?

It should be known that the nightborne armor set is meant for paladins and fighters. It offers a strong defense against both physical and magical attacks, making it the ideal armor set for individuals who require ultimate protection. 

The Heritage Armor Set is extremely light and mobile, making it suitable for combatants who must move fast. 

The heritage armor set is the ideal choice for any class. This gear will enhance your survival in a fight regardless of whether you are a warrior or a mage. 

Therefore, it is advisable that you opt for the fortitude of the nightborne armor set as it is attractive and will also protect you from harm.

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We’ve thrown more light on the origin of the nightborne as well as what the heritage armor set entails and why should go for it. Do well to leverage the benefits by going for it.


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