How To Reset Spectrum Remote

Are you confronted with how to reset the spectrum remote? Let’s assume your spectrum remote had developed some challenges which you can’t easily resolve. Spectrum remote is one of the most significant TV remote controllers in the market.

With spectrum remote programmable keys, you can use it to activate many devices and consoles like an Xbox. Even though the remote is vital in most cases, it will often develop a fault. You can only reset the Spectrum remote to have it functioning as before.

In this article, we have discussed how to reset the spectrum remote with ease. Follow on as we detail the process.

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Resetting Spectrum Remote to Factory Defaults

Maybe you have wrongly programmed your spectrum remote so that its no longer functional. The available option to fix this is to reset it. You can reset spectrum remote by following the steps below.

Be informed that when you reset spectrum remote, everything you have programmed in it will wipe out. You will have to set up your remote afresh after carrying out this procedure.

  • To start, Press and hold the TV button.
  • While holding the TV button, Press the OK button and release the TV and OK button at once. TV, DVD, and AUX buttons will light up and the TV button will remain lit up.
  • Press and hold the Delete button for 3 seconds. The TV button should blink light and turn Off.
  • Once this is done, you have to reset the spectrum remote to factory settings. The next step is to repair it with an RF2IR converter:

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  • To start, go to the Set Top Box to remove the RF2IR converter.
  • Press and hold the Find button for a while.
  • While holding the find button, insert the RF21R converter into the set-top box.
  • Release the Find button. It should delete the old pairing code of the remote.

Other Steps Necessary To Reset Spectrum Remote

The following steps are easier to carry out. Bring the spectrum remote closer to the set top box and press any key to pair it with RF21R converter.

After pairing your spectrum remote, press the Find key on the RF21R converter, and you should hear a sound from the remote. That’s an indication that the system has paired successfully.

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Final Thoughts 

Suppose you followed keenly the steps discussed here on how to reset spectrum remote. You should have fixed your remote by now. By any means this step does not work, you must have missed a step. Reread the article and pay attention to the guidelines.

Restore software is another tool to use and reset spectrum remote. The software works best if the system fault is caused by corrupted system components. You can click here to download the Restore software.

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