How To Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

Are you bothered by how to sync Roku remote without a pairing button? We have covered all you need to know to sync Roku remote without a pairing button in this guide. Read on as we uncover every sphere you need to understand.

We can tell that Roku streaming media devices are easier to pair because they come with a pairing button at the bottom. When you press this button for some seconds, you will syn Roku remote automatically. You can also connect the TV automatically with this button.

What if the button is not working or is not included in your Roku remote? You will devise means to sync Roku remote without a pairing button.

How to sync Roku remote without a pairing button

Suppose you have inspected your remote and couldn’t find a button or external means to sync Roku remote. Whether at the bottom of the remote or in the battery compartment. That means your Roku remote relies on infrared light to sync with your Roku device.

In such circumstances, you can’t pair infrared remotes, you only point it directly to the Roku device. To sync Roku remote without a pairing button, maintain a direct and uninterrupted light line between the remote and Roku player.

As said before, you don’t have to pair the devices. All you need is to insert batteries into your remote and point the remote toward the device directly.

How to sync a Roku remote that has a broken pairing button

If you can’t sync Roku remote because the button has failed or broken. There is another means to pair it with your media player or TV. You will need to carry out this process with a Roku mobile app. Visit Google Play Store or iOS iStore to download the app.

  • Launch the Roku app and hit Remote see at the bottom of the screen.
  • With the remote controls, select Settings, then Remotes & devices.
  • Select and Setup Set up a new device.
  • Tap on the checkbox beside Remote and choose Continue

Final Thoughts 

You can also insert batteries in the remote and the Roku device will identify it. Suppose there’s no other device using the Roku remote, it should pair. But where the Roku remote is not paired to any device and it fails to function. You will need to buy a new remote.

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