Modem Not Working After Power Outage – How To Fix!

How To Fix Modem Not Working After Power Outage Issue

Telecommunication has come a long way in the United States and it is a no-brainer based on ever-blossoming and rapid technological advancements that pop up from time to time. 

Therefore, it comes as no surprise when surveys reveal that the number of internet-providing companies is on the rise. Meanwhile, a lot of folks rely on an uninterrupted internet connection to enhance their productivity as they go about their daily business and endeavors. 

Therefore, a situation where there is an abrupt interruption of internet connection won’t go down well, especially for internet-reliant businesses.

Regardless, many factors can cause power outages that result in the loss of internet connection in a modem regardless of the internet provider in question. Heavy rainfall, amongst other unforeseen factors, can contribute to this.

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Modems and routers have attracted many users who aspire for uninterrupted internet supply and there is a need for these devices to function at an optimal level when needed without any interruption.

However, some of these devices such as the modem occasionally fail. For instance, there have been numerous reports that some folks are unable to get their modem or router to work again after a power outage.

Therefore, to finally put an end to the issue and help them get everything back up and running, we have decided to put together this short guide in the hopes that it will be of assistance to everyone.

How to Get Your Modem Back Online After the Power Has Gone Out 

To function properly, your modem or router needs a supply of electricity that is both steady and constant. Without that, and particularly if there is a power outage, it will abruptly shut down and cause a lot of damage. 

It should come as no surprise that sudden shutdowns of this nature are detrimental to the general health of the device. It is capable of causing severe damage, some of which may be so severe that it cannot be repaired. 

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This is unfortunately even more likely to be the case if you have a modem and router that are kept separate from one another. 

Even though this is the worst-case scenario, you should always check to see if your equipment can be repaired before assuming the worst. 

This is because it is always better to be safe than sorry. In this article, we will do everything in our power to solve the problem of a modem not working after a power outage as effectively as possible. Find below some steps that can help in resolving this challenge.

1. Let the Modem Be Off For some time

This piece of advice might not make sense at first but It does the job most times. It is recommended that you do not immediately turn your modem back on after a power outage, even though it may have been forced to shut down. 

Instead, keep it off for a minimum of another half an hour. It is strongly recommended that you disconnect the device’s entire power supply to prevent any form of power from being fed into it at all. 

After these thirty minutes have elapsed. Try turning it on by itself. Once all of the lights have started blinking, plug in the router and check to see if you can get the two devices to function together.

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Meanwhile, do well to ensure that you power on the modem before moving on to the router.

2. Check to see if your Line is functioning properly 

There are some circumstances in which your modem will power on normally but will not operate as intended. Even though this isn’t the ideal situation, it’s also not the worst thing that could happen. 

This indicates that your modem is probably working properly, but there may be problems with your line. 

Regrettably, there is not a straightforward method for you to check this on your own. Instead, you will need to get in touch with your internet service provider to determine whether or not there is an issue with the line. 

They could send someone as soon as they can to make the necessary repairs. Proceed to the next step if the line is working properly but the modem or router is still not functioning properly.

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3. The Device May Be Damaged

If none of the aforementioned solutions were successful in restoring the functionality of your modem, it may be that the worst has occurred. 

Some power outages are notorious for frying the internal components of such devices and causing damage to the device itself. 

If this is the case, getting the modem to work again will be an incredibly challenging endeavor. Because of this, the only thing that makes sense for you to do at this point is to replace the device in question.

There are a few things you should think about before you begin this process that could end up saving you a significant amount of money. 

For instance, if your internet service provider was the one who originally supplied you with the modem, they might be willing to replace it for you at a reduced price or even for free. 

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In addition, there is a possibility that the manufacturer’s warranty that came with your modem is still valid. In any event, it is always to one’s advantage to check into these things to make some financial savings. 

Summary – Modem Not Working After Power Outage

This article has provided you with steps to follow to bring your modem back to life if it has stopped working as a result of a power outage. 

However, in order for these steps to materialize, the modem must not have been damaged by the power outage that took place. 

This is because some power outages are destructive to the internal components of these devices and can damage them to the point where they are no longer repairable. 

Therefore, if none of the steps resolved the issue, your best bet is to go all out for a replacement while keeping an eye out for warranties and other offers that will make you save money even as you invest in a new modem.


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