What Is T Mobile Edge? All You Need To Know

The T Mobile SIM card has been an optional connection on many devices and has been severally used for my secondary call activities. T Mobile has a huge user base; therefore, they’re always rolling out features to meet their user base demands. They also have one of the strongest signals and fast internet connection in most cities.

Of recent, some users have complained that the T Mobile data connection signal has been poor and it reports a T Mobile EDGE mode. Although they can use the network for calls when they have full bars, this is not the case when they surf the internet as the speed has reduced considerably.

There are also claims that it takes a couple of hours before T Mobile restores the internet connectivity speed. Therefore, we will be throwing more light on all you need to understand about T Mobile Edge in this article. Read on.

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Before we proceed, folks should know that T Mobile EDGE is part of the older 2G internet connectivity network. It has low network connectivity when compared with 3G, 4G, or 5G.

What is T Mobile EDGE?

T Mobile EDGE, or Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution, is an internet connectivity technology that is used to transfer data faster on GSM networks. It is also called 2G, though, in most phones, they were reported as T Mobile EDGE.

T Mobile EDGE is a slow internet connectivity network at 135 kbps, but it was worth it during its reign. It was developed by T Mobile to provide faster and more secure internet connectivity then.

Even as we are in a new era of network connectivity speed, there are some places the T Mobile EDGE network will be useful.

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How Can I be Using EDGE When I Have a 4G LTE Plan?

Just like other cellular network providers, T Mobile ensures that its users are delivered with high internet connectivity speed. Now that you have access to a 4G LTE Plan and you’re not receiving the network speed you need. You might need to roll down to T Mobile EDGE to improve the network speed depending on your location.

In some devices depending on your preferred settings, you can be connected automatically to 3G or T Mobile EDGE if the 4G or 5G network signal is poor. This is because T Mobile EDGE is slower these days but has wider coverage than 4G and 5G.

Also, T Mobile will get you out of EDGE mode once you move closer to where the 4G network signal is stronger. But what if you get stuck at T Mobile EDGE when in an area with a strong 4G or 5G signal? That means there’s something unusual with your device or the network.

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To resolve this, you can either move closer to a mast pole or restart your device. This should get you connected to the 4G network again.

Final Thoughts 

T Mobile EDGE is an older internet connectivity bandwidth developed by T Mobile technologies. T Mobile EDGE as of its time was the fastest internet connectivity signal. But as network connectivity matters, speed will often change and today, we have 4G and 5G networks.

These are all T Mobile initiatives for faster internet connectivity. Also, be informed that when in place with poor 4G or 5G coverage. T Mobile will automatically switch to EDGE to provide you with an internet connection.

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